Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Outside reading post 5 B

In this section of the book the third suicide bomb occurred. A kid from Newcastle had run away the night before and attempted to blow up the BBC. Luckily a man that worked at the “Big Issue” had noticed something weird about this boy when he had tried to sell a newspaper to him. After he had thought about it for a while he realized that this kid probably had a bomb under his coat. He told another man to call the police on his “mobile” and then proceeded to attempt to stop the kid. He stopped the kid and in attempt to stall him asked him if he had time for some coffee. The boy simply said no and was back on his mission. But this man was determined to stop the boy and save lives. He tried a more direct approach and confronted the kid. He said that he had problems of his own and that they would be able to work it out if the kid agreed to give up on his mission, but then he made the mistake of farther approaching the boy to show that there was comfort between them. When he did this the boy flipped and blew up the bomb. Although the man was killed and didn’t stop the boy from killing himself he saved many lives because these two were the only killed in this bomb.

Outside reading post 5 A

prospect- an apparent probability of advancement, success, profit, etc. (p. 168)

orchestrated-to arrange or manipulate, esp. by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering

It was like being in a white goods graveyard. simile because it compares something using like.

"Bang" Onomatopoeia because it is a noise.

"As he walked closer the kids right hand flew up, there was a big flash and it was over for both of them, forever." Irony because the man was trying to help and it got him killed.

"And ill buy you a new one if we get out of all this alive." P.8 this is impotent because it shows how dangerous it is, yet they still have hope.

The emerging theme of this book is still good vs. evil.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Outside reading post 4 B

In this part of the book, the protagonists, Danny, and Watts went to a city to warn one of Watts’s old friends about the people that are trying to kill them. When they were there a man named Benny was there to try and kill them. As they are talking on a golf course Benny spots them and takes aim. Just as he was about to take his shot though Danny jumped down and tried to wrestle the gun out of his hand. He pinned down Danny and took a shot that hit Watt right in the leg. Watt went down with a thud but his partner, Kev, kept running at Benny with his only weapon being a 7 iron in his hand. He made it to Benny and with one swing hit him right underneath his jaw almost taking his head off and sending him flying backward with a thud on the ground. He was dead. The plan was to get the body into the trunk of Benny’s car and take off in their own all before back up for Benny came. Unfortunately they were a little late and back up arrived and started shooting at them. They barely got away with their lives.

Outside reading post 4 A

  • A soft ping- onomatopoeia

A dull thud - onomatopoeia

dull pings - onomatopoeia

  • "Fergus and Kev were too experienced to even pause with shock at the sight of the desperate struggle on the grass." This quote shows how much training these two men had in the army.
  • there has been the same theme throughout this book

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

outside reading post 3 A

tentative (p.71): unsure; uncertain; not definite or positive; hesitant: a tentative smile on his face.

congealed (p.95): To cause to solidify or coagulate or to undergo a process likened to solidification or coagulation.

"The only difference was that everything appeared like a green negative film'' - simile it makes a comparison useing like

"But watch out for the biscuits, they're like iron." - simile it makes a comparison useing like.

"he's worse then that, he's total crap.'' - Metaphor it says something is something completely different.

"They sat side by side on the sofa, and as Danny thought about the special bond that exists between men like fergus, Watts, and kev Newman, his feelings were mixed: awe, admiration and the slightest hint of jealousy." (p.101) this quote shows how danny feels distant from his grandfather because he doesnt not have to special relationship that his grandfather has with his past miltary buddies.

Still the emerging theme of this book is good vs evil.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside reading post 3 B

This week in my book there has been another bombing. A white possible Muslim teenager bombed a soccer game in Europe. This is the second suicide bombing in Europe over a short period of time by the same type of bombers and the exact same explosions. Danny and his grandfather, Watts, decided to leave there house where they were attempted to be murdered and left to move to new areas in Spain. This was all going as planned until and woman named Deveraux tricked Elena into thinking she was Danny and convinced her to meet her in an ally. In the ally she stuck a gun down Elena’s throat and told her that she needed to convince Danny and watts to come back to the UK otherwise all three of them would die. In order to do this Elena was told to log on to MSN, her only communication with Danny, and tell him that the woman that had saved them before was back and wanted to save them again but Danny and watts needed to get back to the UK as fast as they could. This plan worked perfectly and soon enough Danny and watts had fallen right into the trap. Deveraux wanted them back because she wanted to take down a man named George Fincham, a high-ranking IB. He was trying to kill Watts in order to cover up his tracks in a secret illegal operation he had been part of. Deveraux wants to stop him, but in order to do this she need full co-operation from Danny, Watts, and Elena.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

hornet league debate

1) debate as a class or sport: these debates occur in certain places like school or community centers that are set our specifically for them. The purpose is to argue for your side. it doesn't always help arrive at a better decision because false information can be presented if it isn't caught. the debate is structured. i don't know how it affects the decision making process.
2) Court: these debates occur in courts. The purpose is to prove to the judge and jury that your side is right. it almost always helps arrive at a better decision. the debate is structured. it effects the decision making process because depending on the facts that are stated the jury must make a decision.
3) just in between friends: pretty much anywhere. The debate serves the purpose of different people with different opinions arguing to show there point. most of the time the people are both stubborn and unwilling to make a decision. it is unstructured. it effects the decision making process if one of the parties is willing to give in.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Outside reading post 2 B

In the book the pay back the main character and protagonist is a kid named Danny who is on the run with his grandfather. They are on the run because his grandfather was thrown in jail for supposedly abandoning the army. Danny and one of his friends helped his father escape from jail and now they are running from an organization who hopes for revenge and to kill them. Everything in Danny’s life has changed he was forced to move to Spain and hid there. He can barley talk to any of his friends and he greatly misses his old life. In one part of the book the organization that is trying to kill them sends a team of highly trained specialists to plant a bomb in their garage that will blow up when the grandfather opens the door. On this morning Danny decided he would open the garage to spark a fight with his grandfather. Right as he was about to trigger the explosion the grandfather realized that the door and been tampered with and told Danny to stop just in time to save both of their lives. In this situation I think that Danny was being ignorant and stupid. His Grandfather has a specific schedule to follow each day to ensure both of their safety and Danny broke this schedule just so he could start a fight with his grandfather because he was mad at him.

Outside reading post 2 A

  • meticulously: extremely careful and precise. (p. 28)

self-catering: U.K. describes accommodations, especially for vacationers or students, in which meals are not provided but cooking facilities are. (p.33)

  • Like a puckered black scar it meandered between scorched fields of ancient gnarled olive trees toward the coastal city of Huelva. ( simile)
The circuit would be completed and "bang". (Onomatopoeia)

Darkness creeps up stealthily and is suddenly there. Like an ambush. (simile)

  • "Danny longed to be normal again." (p.20) This quote shows how Danny's life has dramatically changed do to recent events and how he wishes it would go back to what it was before.
  • Still the emerging theme is good vs evil or right vs wrong.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Outside reading post 1 B

"But for all the background information, comments and quote, two vital questions remained unanswered: how had a seventeen-year-old Muslim schoolboy made, or obtained, an explosive device reckoned to be identical to those used by extremists in places like Jerusalem and Baghdad? And why had Zeenan Kha, a boy with everything to live for, chosen to step willingly into oblivion?"
p. (8)
this quote is very important to this book because it shows that this bombing is kind of a special case. They could be dealing with a whole new group of terrorists considering they don’t know where the bomb came form or anything. It says that the boy was "chosen" which shows to me that he is part of a much bigger organization and that there could and probably will be more bombings.

“Deveraux nodded: she was used to making short and concise reports. ‘Fincham has located Watts and the boy in Spain. He intends to have them both killed.’” P (17)

This quote is significant because “Watts and the boy” refer to two of the main characters in this book the two people who I believe will later figure out this whole bombing thing and who will be able to help out the authorities. These people want to kill them because Watts was in the army and he was labeled as a traitor so he was thrown in jail. His grandson helped him escape so now they are both on the run from the government and that is why these people want to kill them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Outside reading post 1 A

Strenuously p. (17): requiring physical effort, energy, stamina, or strength.

Meticulously p. (28): extremely careful and precise.

One reoccurring theme of this book so far has been the struggle between good vs. evil and right and wrong.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The sea inside: post 3

In my mind one big shot in the movie was in the end when he was recording his death. this was very big to me because it was a shot from a camera at his height at the end of his bed. Putting the camera at his level made it a much more personal shot. It was like we were actually sitting there watching his death and to me that was very very sad. As he started to die he looked very uncomfortable and the camera just stayed very still and recorded the whole thing. this shot was very touching to me because it was very personal.

The sea inside: post 2

One big similarity in the sea inside and diving bell and the butterfly of coarse is the in both stories an accident caused these two men to be quadriplegic. A difference was the In the Diving bell the guy was only injured for a small period of time but i was much more devastating then in the sea inside. Another difference was in the sea inside the guy wanted to die but in Diving bell the guy had a huge will to live as long as possible but unfortunately died from medical reasons. I similarity is also that they each wrote a book before they died. although powerful in different ways i think that each of these stories are equally powerful. The sea inside was powerful because it was a man fighting for his right to die and the diving bell was powerful because of this mans fight to survive even though the extent of his movement was a blink.

The sea inside: post 1

think its the courts i thought this film was pretty good but very sad at the end. in the begging it was a little slow for me but as it progressed i got more into the story and started liking the characters more. seeing the events develop as they did was exciting to me and very sad. In this situation i disagree with his decision because he wasn't completely paralyzed, he could still talk and write unlike the guy in the diving bell and the butterfly. Although i was against him killing himself in this case, i still don't decision. In life no one gets in trouble for killing them self and just because he was incapable of doing it himself shouldn't stop him. it would be very sad to be the friends that helped him because although he wasn't the same as before they still loved him and didn't want him to die. He kind of made them help him by telling them that if they really loved him they would do it for him.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

final week

In the last part of my book, mike finishes his expedition by sailing into the exact same place where he started! In the last part of Mikes expedition he walks through Russia and bikes through to the coast and off he sails to the finish line. In one part of this section mike stays in a town with only one other person. an old man who was staying by himself waiting for his death. when it is finally time to leave the old man bags mike to stay. I think this is worth mentioning because mike had made a major impact on this mans life. It just shows that even the most lonely people are very friendly and compatible. It is weird to see that the authorities in Russia were so much different then the people in the rest of mikes trip. They are mean and entrusting and treat mike like a dog. Other people looked up to mike and did what ever they could to help him. this just shows how government and culture can influence people. All and all i thought this was a very good book and enjoyed it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

week 5

In this reading mike travels through Alaska to Russia. it is now summer in the arctic so it is a whole different type of travel for mike. much of the snow and ice and melted and he traded out his sled for a kayak and all his other winter material for summer material. some obstacles mike was forced to overcome on this new part of his trip were walking though and climbing over bear infested cliffs. He found himself face to face with a mom grizzly bear and her two cubs which is a very dangerous situation. Mike lived because of both luck and experience. He had learned from dealing with polar bears to keep walking a straight path and waving his hands to make himself look as big as possible. Mikes next obstacle was kayaking, since the ice had melted he could no longer walk over frozen oceans he had to kayak him. Other then his arms being a little out of shape kayaking worked well for mike. But i one day when he was gonna land mike discovered there were large icebergs blocking his path to the shore. He was thrown against these icebergs by the waves over and over again until finally he got back into open water and was forced to pitch his tent on a piece of pack ice. As mike traveled into Russia he had issues with being able to travel on the land and he was not aloud to have any guns or global positioning systems. He ends up smuggling his contraband in but it was a close call.

My over all reaction to my week five reading is very good! I have very much enjoyed this whole book and think that it is very exciting to hear about all of mikes experiences. It would take a great amount of fitness, skill, wisdom, and experience to even attempt to do what mike is doing in this book. It is weird to think that anyone would want to walk around the Arctic Circle by yourself but finishing it would be one of the greatest accomplishments ever. In his many stops at different Inuit villages along his trip Mike meets a bunch of nice exceptionally generous people. To me it is amazing how the need to survive brings people together so much. Up in the far north everyone is more than happy to give up rooms in their homes for mike and his family at times to stay in, give mike free food whenever he needs it and teach him their ways and special techniques he can use to survive. In his whole trip he has only met two people that weren’t more than willing to help him and that was mostly due to laws. In my opinion it is amazing that mike just sets out everyday not knowing whether he will drowned or freeze or get mauled by a bear at any moment.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

week 4

"Simon disappeared over the horizon, and once again i was on my own. But i wasn't as alone as I had been before meeting Simon."(135) Conquering the Impossible. This quote is significant to this book because in this part Mike had started a fire in his tent so he was forced to get picked up by snowmobile and dropped of at a Inuit town where he stayed with a man named Simon. Being Inuit Simon knew almost everything about the arctic and what mike was facing. With this knowledge he trained mike in many different things include knowing bears by their tacks and building an igloo. both of these could be life saving things to know.

In part four of my outside reading book Mike continues on his great journey. He travels through a wolf infested lake and is forced to stay in a hunters cabin so he is not eaten by hungry wolves. as he keeps going mike continues to run into many problems most of which are Minor. One major problem happened one morning when his fuel gauge for his stove read 0. Of coarse it does this regularly but on this day it created quite an issue. The past few days in the arctic the temperatures had risen a lot causing the fuel to expand in the tanks. When he took off the empty bottle the pilot light should have gone off but it didn't. Then because of the expanded fuel when he opened the new tank the fuel exploded like champagne out of a champagne bottle. This ignited on the pilot light causing everything in his tent to light on fire. Since his servile gear was all burnt Mike was forced to take refugee in a small Inuit town. Here he was taught very valuable thing by a Inuit man named Simon. Now mike is back on his trip with new information and new confidence.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Overall i thought this book was interesting and enjoyed it. There were a couple of confusing times where he would be imagining something and not explain he was just imagining it. This book was a rather short read considering he had to write it by blinking. This meant less minor details and more overall story. To me it was very interesting to learn about his locked in syndrome but very sad at times. I think that this would be one of the worst things possible because basically it just took away all of his freedom. Another thing that was hard to follow about this book was how it jumped around a lot. In one chapter he would be explaining the hospital and then in the next without much transition He would be talking about his past. I think that his analogy of his body being trapped in a diving bell but his mind being as free as a butterfly explains his situation perfectly. He has all day to think of whatever he wants, he creates storeys for himself even writes a play in his mind. But since his body is trapped in a diving bell he cannot capitalize on any of his great ideas. In my mind this book was really amazing considering the state in which the author was at the time it was written. I would have enjoyed it even more had it had more detail and been long but seeing as that would have been quite hard i think it is perfect how it is. Although this book has some depressing parts in it I think it is a good example why to always make the best of any situation.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

week 3 part 2

My feelings towards this book so far have been nothing but positive! I think that it has been written very good and i am interested by these types of survivor thing. A few weaknesses in my mind might be the length as interesting as all this is he might go into a few too many details in certain areas and a really long book doesn't make this assignment much easier. This book hasn't really brought up much issues except for in one part Mike talks about global warming. I agree with him in his opinion that this is a major issue that needs to be taken care of fast. An example would be the weather we had this weekend it was in the 80's in October. This book is real life so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to relate it to real life and i cant relate it to my life other than i think its cold in Minnesota when its below 30 Fahrenheit and where he is warm would be 30 below 0 Fahrenheit. I predict that Mike will encounter many hardships in his trip but in the end due to his experience, skill, and some luck he will make it threw and be the first man to solo walk around the world at the Arctic circle.

Week 3 part 1

In this part of the book Mike leaves Greenland by boat. During his boating trip he runs into some weather issues. All the ice around him begins to freeze so he is forced to get on an ice breaking boat and accompany it to a small mining town. Right when he gets there he discovers the mine is being shut down and the town demolished because they must leave everything in its natural state. He has a while before everything is completely destroyed so he calls his family and they come and visit him for a while. After the town is destroyed Mike lives with a Inuit family because weather still disallows him to continue on his journey. As he is staying with this family he is taught everything they know that will help him. Finally after enough ice has formed so he can walk mike sets out again to travel around the world at the arctic circle.

Mike was born on July 16, 1966 in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. In 1990 he left south Africa to travel Europe where he became a ski instructor. In 1991 he went on a a paragliding and rafting expedition in the Peruvian Andes.
After he came back he requested to become a member of the "Sector No Limits" sports team. In 1995, Mike created the "No Limits" Outdoor Activity Sports Centre in Switzerland. In 1997, Mike started his first big expedition. A solo traverse of the South American continent that took him 6 months. In 1999, Mike launched another Major expedition. He circumnavigated the world along the equator. His biggest adventure was the circumnavigation of the world around the Arctic circle which is what this book is written about.
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc Oct. 7 2007.

memoir 2

1) summary
In this next part of the book Mike is air lifted to a hospital where they try a new form of treatment on him to try and get rid of his dead parts of his fingers. This works a little but in the end he is still forced to get small parts of his fingers amputated. When he is done recovering he begins preparing for his next attempt at the Arctic. He gets even better tools because now he has experience and knows exactly what he needs. He has a custom tent made with two layer so the perspiration and other water in the air can leave his tent without freezing inside. He also has a special thing made so it was easier to pee well it was so cold. He also has his skies and sled redone so they are even better! After much preparing and training he is ready again. This time instead of getting dropped off by helicopter though he sails to Greenland then crosses that and sails to the arctic. This part ends with mike beating the record across Greenland with the help of his kites.

2) Loaded Words
Solitude-p 90, this is loaded because he is actual alone. He wont have any human contact for months. The author chose this word because he was entirely alone at that time.

Brothers-p 91, this is loaded because many people think of a brother as different things, for instance some people this of it as a close friend well others only think of it as a blood relative. I think he chose this word cause the people he was talking about felt like brothers.

Limits-p 91 this is a loaded word because different people have different limits. He chose this word because his limits were the thin line between life and death.

generosity-p 92 this is a loaded word because it reminds people of a good thing usually. He chose this because a member of the Inuit community had been especially nice to him.

abandoned-p 93 this is a loaded word because it usually reminds people of something bad or sad. He chose this word because the boat in his story had been abandoned.

Stuck-p 93 this is a loaded word because being stuck in almost any situation is bad. He chose this word because in his case he was at a stand still in his adventure.

wasteland-p 94 this is a loaded word because it basically mean nothingness. He used it because the land in front of him had absolutely nothing but snow and ice.

impossible-p 94 this is a loaded word because no one likes to hear something is impossible. He chose it cause he was frustrated and in issue with his path.

potential-p 95 this is a loaded word because potential creates hope. He chose this because he had hope of different paths opening up.

die-p 96 this is a loaded word because it causes sadness in everyone. He chose this to show the severity if he did anything wrong.

3) reaction
My reaction to this part of the book is that of amazement. I think it is amazing that mike would go back to the arctic after failing the first time, almost loosing his fingers to frostbite, and realizing what he will be up against. I think that mike is an amazing person and that it would take tremendous strangth to be able to do what he is doing.

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In the first part of my memoir conquering the impossible the character and writer extrem adventurer mike horn sets off on his attempt to walk 12000 miles around the globe at the arctic circle. Befor he trys to do this he must get all the best equiptment he can. As a training expedition mike sets out with two of his friends to set the record of walking across greenland. befor mike starts his great expedition his friend and arctic explorer Borge Ousland came to his house gave him all his old equipent and trained him. He finally set out on his expedition! he started out good! his firts major probalem was one night he set up camp and because the ice is always moveing he driffted away from the main land. he waited to dift back but never did so he had to ask a helicopter to pick him up. His next problem was when he was difting again durring a blizard and dicided to pick up camp and move. this would have gone fine but half way through his shoe lace came untied this wouldnt be an issue but he couldnt go on without it tied but couldnt tie them with his gloves on. he ended up takeing his gloves off which resulted in bad frost big in both his fingers. This and a couple of other reasons forced him to call a helicopter to come pick him up to go home. This is where i stoped. What really intreges me about this book is learning about all the hardships Mike goes through on his adventutres and how he overcomes them.

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this i beleive

1) http://thisibelieve.org/dsp_ShowEssay.php?topessays=1&uid=19213
2) David Buetow
3) teaching a bad dog new tricks
4) he beleves in his dog.
5) he beleives in the way his dog lives and how he finds joy in the simpilest things.
he beleives how his dog lives in presence and how once something is over with it is over with.
6) "I had dates with women who would mistakenly think I was loyal to them but I never returned their calls or thanked them for the cookies they left on my doorstep. I was what some people would call “a dog” – a bad dog. Not one person depended on me, nor I upon them. One Sunday I woke up at noon, and I suddenly noticed how silent my house and my life was. I realized I couldn’t expect any valued relationship until I created one first. So I got Duncan."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is probably getting good grades because i want to go to a good college. And also my parents put a lot of pressure on me to get good grades.

One goal for myself in my sophomore year is working hard and getting good grades. I say this because if i do this my parents will give me more freedom.