Sunday, October 7, 2007

memoir 2

1) summary
In this next part of the book Mike is air lifted to a hospital where they try a new form of treatment on him to try and get rid of his dead parts of his fingers. This works a little but in the end he is still forced to get small parts of his fingers amputated. When he is done recovering he begins preparing for his next attempt at the Arctic. He gets even better tools because now he has experience and knows exactly what he needs. He has a custom tent made with two layer so the perspiration and other water in the air can leave his tent without freezing inside. He also has a special thing made so it was easier to pee well it was so cold. He also has his skies and sled redone so they are even better! After much preparing and training he is ready again. This time instead of getting dropped off by helicopter though he sails to Greenland then crosses that and sails to the arctic. This part ends with mike beating the record across Greenland with the help of his kites.

2) Loaded Words
Solitude-p 90, this is loaded because he is actual alone. He wont have any human contact for months. The author chose this word because he was entirely alone at that time.

Brothers-p 91, this is loaded because many people think of a brother as different things, for instance some people this of it as a close friend well others only think of it as a blood relative. I think he chose this word cause the people he was talking about felt like brothers.

Limits-p 91 this is a loaded word because different people have different limits. He chose this word because his limits were the thin line between life and death.

generosity-p 92 this is a loaded word because it reminds people of a good thing usually. He chose this because a member of the Inuit community had been especially nice to him.

abandoned-p 93 this is a loaded word because it usually reminds people of something bad or sad. He chose this word because the boat in his story had been abandoned.

Stuck-p 93 this is a loaded word because being stuck in almost any situation is bad. He chose this word because in his case he was at a stand still in his adventure.

wasteland-p 94 this is a loaded word because it basically mean nothingness. He used it because the land in front of him had absolutely nothing but snow and ice.

impossible-p 94 this is a loaded word because no one likes to hear something is impossible. He chose it cause he was frustrated and in issue with his path.

potential-p 95 this is a loaded word because potential creates hope. He chose this because he had hope of different paths opening up.

die-p 96 this is a loaded word because it causes sadness in everyone. He chose this to show the severity if he did anything wrong.

3) reaction
My reaction to this part of the book is that of amazement. I think it is amazing that mike would go back to the arctic after failing the first time, almost loosing his fingers to frostbite, and realizing what he will be up against. I think that mike is an amazing person and that it would take tremendous strangth to be able to do what he is doing.

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