Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Outside reading post 2 B

In the book the pay back the main character and protagonist is a kid named Danny who is on the run with his grandfather. They are on the run because his grandfather was thrown in jail for supposedly abandoning the army. Danny and one of his friends helped his father escape from jail and now they are running from an organization who hopes for revenge and to kill them. Everything in Danny’s life has changed he was forced to move to Spain and hid there. He can barley talk to any of his friends and he greatly misses his old life. In one part of the book the organization that is trying to kill them sends a team of highly trained specialists to plant a bomb in their garage that will blow up when the grandfather opens the door. On this morning Danny decided he would open the garage to spark a fight with his grandfather. Right as he was about to trigger the explosion the grandfather realized that the door and been tampered with and told Danny to stop just in time to save both of their lives. In this situation I think that Danny was being ignorant and stupid. His Grandfather has a specific schedule to follow each day to ensure both of their safety and Danny broke this schedule just so he could start a fight with his grandfather because he was mad at him.

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