Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside reading post 3 B

This week in my book there has been another bombing. A white possible Muslim teenager bombed a soccer game in Europe. This is the second suicide bombing in Europe over a short period of time by the same type of bombers and the exact same explosions. Danny and his grandfather, Watts, decided to leave there house where they were attempted to be murdered and left to move to new areas in Spain. This was all going as planned until and woman named Deveraux tricked Elena into thinking she was Danny and convinced her to meet her in an ally. In the ally she stuck a gun down Elena’s throat and told her that she needed to convince Danny and watts to come back to the UK otherwise all three of them would die. In order to do this Elena was told to log on to MSN, her only communication with Danny, and tell him that the woman that had saved them before was back and wanted to save them again but Danny and watts needed to get back to the UK as fast as they could. This plan worked perfectly and soon enough Danny and watts had fallen right into the trap. Deveraux wanted them back because she wanted to take down a man named George Fincham, a high-ranking IB. He was trying to kill Watts in order to cover up his tracks in a secret illegal operation he had been part of. Deveraux wants to stop him, but in order to do this she need full co-operation from Danny, Watts, and Elena.

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