Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Outside reading post 4 B

In this part of the book, the protagonists, Danny, and Watts went to a city to warn one of Watts’s old friends about the people that are trying to kill them. When they were there a man named Benny was there to try and kill them. As they are talking on a golf course Benny spots them and takes aim. Just as he was about to take his shot though Danny jumped down and tried to wrestle the gun out of his hand. He pinned down Danny and took a shot that hit Watt right in the leg. Watt went down with a thud but his partner, Kev, kept running at Benny with his only weapon being a 7 iron in his hand. He made it to Benny and with one swing hit him right underneath his jaw almost taking his head off and sending him flying backward with a thud on the ground. He was dead. The plan was to get the body into the trunk of Benny’s car and take off in their own all before back up for Benny came. Unfortunately they were a little late and back up arrived and started shooting at them. They barely got away with their lives.

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