Thursday, October 25, 2007

final week

In the last part of my book, mike finishes his expedition by sailing into the exact same place where he started! In the last part of Mikes expedition he walks through Russia and bikes through to the coast and off he sails to the finish line. In one part of this section mike stays in a town with only one other person. an old man who was staying by himself waiting for his death. when it is finally time to leave the old man bags mike to stay. I think this is worth mentioning because mike had made a major impact on this mans life. It just shows that even the most lonely people are very friendly and compatible. It is weird to see that the authorities in Russia were so much different then the people in the rest of mikes trip. They are mean and entrusting and treat mike like a dog. Other people looked up to mike and did what ever they could to help him. this just shows how government and culture can influence people. All and all i thought this was a very good book and enjoyed it.

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