Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Outside reading post 5 B

In this section of the book the third suicide bomb occurred. A kid from Newcastle had run away the night before and attempted to blow up the BBC. Luckily a man that worked at the “Big Issue” had noticed something weird about this boy when he had tried to sell a newspaper to him. After he had thought about it for a while he realized that this kid probably had a bomb under his coat. He told another man to call the police on his “mobile” and then proceeded to attempt to stop the kid. He stopped the kid and in attempt to stall him asked him if he had time for some coffee. The boy simply said no and was back on his mission. But this man was determined to stop the boy and save lives. He tried a more direct approach and confronted the kid. He said that he had problems of his own and that they would be able to work it out if the kid agreed to give up on his mission, but then he made the mistake of farther approaching the boy to show that there was comfort between them. When he did this the boy flipped and blew up the bomb. Although the man was killed and didn’t stop the boy from killing himself he saved many lives because these two were the only killed in this bomb.

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