Sunday, October 14, 2007

week 4

"Simon disappeared over the horizon, and once again i was on my own. But i wasn't as alone as I had been before meeting Simon."(135) Conquering the Impossible. This quote is significant to this book because in this part Mike had started a fire in his tent so he was forced to get picked up by snowmobile and dropped of at a Inuit town where he stayed with a man named Simon. Being Inuit Simon knew almost everything about the arctic and what mike was facing. With this knowledge he trained mike in many different things include knowing bears by their tacks and building an igloo. both of these could be life saving things to know.

In part four of my outside reading book Mike continues on his great journey. He travels through a wolf infested lake and is forced to stay in a hunters cabin so he is not eaten by hungry wolves. as he keeps going mike continues to run into many problems most of which are Minor. One major problem happened one morning when his fuel gauge for his stove read 0. Of coarse it does this regularly but on this day it created quite an issue. The past few days in the arctic the temperatures had risen a lot causing the fuel to expand in the tanks. When he took off the empty bottle the pilot light should have gone off but it didn't. Then because of the expanded fuel when he opened the new tank the fuel exploded like champagne out of a champagne bottle. This ignited on the pilot light causing everything in his tent to light on fire. Since his servile gear was all burnt Mike was forced to take refugee in a small Inuit town. Here he was taught very valuable thing by a Inuit man named Simon. Now mike is back on his trip with new information and new confidence.


Matt Norris said...

Level of insight: 7/10...not sure how Mr. Hatten wanted us to comment about this, but you could post a more full insight.

Blog: Good job on actually keeping up to this point.

Things to improve: Re-read your posts before making them final...longer summary.

Arman S. said...

Good job with the quote to back your point, and good start to the post (quote). Maybe a little too much opinion? but as long as you back it up..