Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Overall i thought this book was interesting and enjoyed it. There were a couple of confusing times where he would be imagining something and not explain he was just imagining it. This book was a rather short read considering he had to write it by blinking. This meant less minor details and more overall story. To me it was very interesting to learn about his locked in syndrome but very sad at times. I think that this would be one of the worst things possible because basically it just took away all of his freedom. Another thing that was hard to follow about this book was how it jumped around a lot. In one chapter he would be explaining the hospital and then in the next without much transition He would be talking about his past. I think that his analogy of his body being trapped in a diving bell but his mind being as free as a butterfly explains his situation perfectly. He has all day to think of whatever he wants, he creates storeys for himself even writes a play in his mind. But since his body is trapped in a diving bell he cannot capitalize on any of his great ideas. In my mind this book was really amazing considering the state in which the author was at the time it was written. I would have enjoyed it even more had it had more detail and been long but seeing as that would have been quite hard i think it is perfect how it is. Although this book has some depressing parts in it I think it is a good example why to always make the best of any situation.

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