Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Outside reading post 2 B

In the book the pay back the main character and protagonist is a kid named Danny who is on the run with his grandfather. They are on the run because his grandfather was thrown in jail for supposedly abandoning the army. Danny and one of his friends helped his father escape from jail and now they are running from an organization who hopes for revenge and to kill them. Everything in Danny’s life has changed he was forced to move to Spain and hid there. He can barley talk to any of his friends and he greatly misses his old life. In one part of the book the organization that is trying to kill them sends a team of highly trained specialists to plant a bomb in their garage that will blow up when the grandfather opens the door. On this morning Danny decided he would open the garage to spark a fight with his grandfather. Right as he was about to trigger the explosion the grandfather realized that the door and been tampered with and told Danny to stop just in time to save both of their lives. In this situation I think that Danny was being ignorant and stupid. His Grandfather has a specific schedule to follow each day to ensure both of their safety and Danny broke this schedule just so he could start a fight with his grandfather because he was mad at him.

Outside reading post 2 A

  • meticulously: extremely careful and precise. (p. 28)

self-catering: U.K. describes accommodations, especially for vacationers or students, in which meals are not provided but cooking facilities are. (p.33)

  • Like a puckered black scar it meandered between scorched fields of ancient gnarled olive trees toward the coastal city of Huelva. ( simile)
The circuit would be completed and "bang". (Onomatopoeia)

Darkness creeps up stealthily and is suddenly there. Like an ambush. (simile)

  • "Danny longed to be normal again." (p.20) This quote shows how Danny's life has dramatically changed do to recent events and how he wishes it would go back to what it was before.
  • Still the emerging theme is good vs evil or right vs wrong.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Outside reading post 1 B

"But for all the background information, comments and quote, two vital questions remained unanswered: how had a seventeen-year-old Muslim schoolboy made, or obtained, an explosive device reckoned to be identical to those used by extremists in places like Jerusalem and Baghdad? And why had Zeenan Kha, a boy with everything to live for, chosen to step willingly into oblivion?"
p. (8)
this quote is very important to this book because it shows that this bombing is kind of a special case. They could be dealing with a whole new group of terrorists considering they don’t know where the bomb came form or anything. It says that the boy was "chosen" which shows to me that he is part of a much bigger organization and that there could and probably will be more bombings.

“Deveraux nodded: she was used to making short and concise reports. ‘Fincham has located Watts and the boy in Spain. He intends to have them both killed.’” P (17)

This quote is significant because “Watts and the boy” refer to two of the main characters in this book the two people who I believe will later figure out this whole bombing thing and who will be able to help out the authorities. These people want to kill them because Watts was in the army and he was labeled as a traitor so he was thrown in jail. His grandson helped him escape so now they are both on the run from the government and that is why these people want to kill them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Outside reading post 1 A

Strenuously p. (17): requiring physical effort, energy, stamina, or strength.

Meticulously p. (28): extremely careful and precise.

One reoccurring theme of this book so far has been the struggle between good vs. evil and right and wrong.