Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Outside reading post 2 A

  • meticulously: extremely careful and precise. (p. 28)

self-catering: U.K. describes accommodations, especially for vacationers or students, in which meals are not provided but cooking facilities are. (p.33)

  • Like a puckered black scar it meandered between scorched fields of ancient gnarled olive trees toward the coastal city of Huelva. ( simile)
The circuit would be completed and "bang". (Onomatopoeia)

Darkness creeps up stealthily and is suddenly there. Like an ambush. (simile)

  • "Danny longed to be normal again." (p.20) This quote shows how Danny's life has dramatically changed do to recent events and how he wishes it would go back to what it was before.
  • Still the emerging theme is good vs evil or right vs wrong.

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