Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Outside reading post 5 B

In this section of the book the third suicide bomb occurred. A kid from Newcastle had run away the night before and attempted to blow up the BBC. Luckily a man that worked at the “Big Issue” had noticed something weird about this boy when he had tried to sell a newspaper to him. After he had thought about it for a while he realized that this kid probably had a bomb under his coat. He told another man to call the police on his “mobile” and then proceeded to attempt to stop the kid. He stopped the kid and in attempt to stall him asked him if he had time for some coffee. The boy simply said no and was back on his mission. But this man was determined to stop the boy and save lives. He tried a more direct approach and confronted the kid. He said that he had problems of his own and that they would be able to work it out if the kid agreed to give up on his mission, but then he made the mistake of farther approaching the boy to show that there was comfort between them. When he did this the boy flipped and blew up the bomb. Although the man was killed and didn’t stop the boy from killing himself he saved many lives because these two were the only killed in this bomb.

Outside reading post 5 A

prospect- an apparent probability of advancement, success, profit, etc. (p. 168)

orchestrated-to arrange or manipulate, esp. by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering

It was like being in a white goods graveyard. simile because it compares something using like.

"Bang" Onomatopoeia because it is a noise.

"As he walked closer the kids right hand flew up, there was a big flash and it was over for both of them, forever." Irony because the man was trying to help and it got him killed.

"And ill buy you a new one if we get out of all this alive." P.8 this is impotent because it shows how dangerous it is, yet they still have hope.

The emerging theme of this book is still good vs. evil.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Outside reading post 4 B

In this part of the book, the protagonists, Danny, and Watts went to a city to warn one of Watts’s old friends about the people that are trying to kill them. When they were there a man named Benny was there to try and kill them. As they are talking on a golf course Benny spots them and takes aim. Just as he was about to take his shot though Danny jumped down and tried to wrestle the gun out of his hand. He pinned down Danny and took a shot that hit Watt right in the leg. Watt went down with a thud but his partner, Kev, kept running at Benny with his only weapon being a 7 iron in his hand. He made it to Benny and with one swing hit him right underneath his jaw almost taking his head off and sending him flying backward with a thud on the ground. He was dead. The plan was to get the body into the trunk of Benny’s car and take off in their own all before back up for Benny came. Unfortunately they were a little late and back up arrived and started shooting at them. They barely got away with their lives.

Outside reading post 4 A

  • A soft ping- onomatopoeia

A dull thud - onomatopoeia

dull pings - onomatopoeia

  • "Fergus and Kev were too experienced to even pause with shock at the sight of the desperate struggle on the grass." This quote shows how much training these two men had in the army.
  • there has been the same theme throughout this book

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

outside reading post 3 A

tentative (p.71): unsure; uncertain; not definite or positive; hesitant: a tentative smile on his face.

congealed (p.95): To cause to solidify or coagulate or to undergo a process likened to solidification or coagulation.

"The only difference was that everything appeared like a green negative film'' - simile it makes a comparison useing like

"But watch out for the biscuits, they're like iron." - simile it makes a comparison useing like.

"he's worse then that, he's total crap.'' - Metaphor it says something is something completely different.

"They sat side by side on the sofa, and as Danny thought about the special bond that exists between men like fergus, Watts, and kev Newman, his feelings were mixed: awe, admiration and the slightest hint of jealousy." (p.101) this quote shows how danny feels distant from his grandfather because he doesnt not have to special relationship that his grandfather has with his past miltary buddies.

Still the emerging theme of this book is good vs evil.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside reading post 3 B

This week in my book there has been another bombing. A white possible Muslim teenager bombed a soccer game in Europe. This is the second suicide bombing in Europe over a short period of time by the same type of bombers and the exact same explosions. Danny and his grandfather, Watts, decided to leave there house where they were attempted to be murdered and left to move to new areas in Spain. This was all going as planned until and woman named Deveraux tricked Elena into thinking she was Danny and convinced her to meet her in an ally. In the ally she stuck a gun down Elena’s throat and told her that she needed to convince Danny and watts to come back to the UK otherwise all three of them would die. In order to do this Elena was told to log on to MSN, her only communication with Danny, and tell him that the woman that had saved them before was back and wanted to save them again but Danny and watts needed to get back to the UK as fast as they could. This plan worked perfectly and soon enough Danny and watts had fallen right into the trap. Deveraux wanted them back because she wanted to take down a man named George Fincham, a high-ranking IB. He was trying to kill Watts in order to cover up his tracks in a secret illegal operation he had been part of. Deveraux wants to stop him, but in order to do this she need full co-operation from Danny, Watts, and Elena.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

hornet league debate

1) debate as a class or sport: these debates occur in certain places like school or community centers that are set our specifically for them. The purpose is to argue for your side. it doesn't always help arrive at a better decision because false information can be presented if it isn't caught. the debate is structured. i don't know how it affects the decision making process.
2) Court: these debates occur in courts. The purpose is to prove to the judge and jury that your side is right. it almost always helps arrive at a better decision. the debate is structured. it effects the decision making process because depending on the facts that are stated the jury must make a decision.
3) just in between friends: pretty much anywhere. The debate serves the purpose of different people with different opinions arguing to show there point. most of the time the people are both stubborn and unwilling to make a decision. it is unstructured. it effects the decision making process if one of the parties is willing to give in.