Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 part 1

In this part of the book Mike leaves Greenland by boat. During his boating trip he runs into some weather issues. All the ice around him begins to freeze so he is forced to get on an ice breaking boat and accompany it to a small mining town. Right when he gets there he discovers the mine is being shut down and the town demolished because they must leave everything in its natural state. He has a while before everything is completely destroyed so he calls his family and they come and visit him for a while. After the town is destroyed Mike lives with a Inuit family because weather still disallows him to continue on his journey. As he is staying with this family he is taught everything they know that will help him. Finally after enough ice has formed so he can walk mike sets out again to travel around the world at the arctic circle.

Mike was born on July 16, 1966 in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. In 1990 he left south Africa to travel Europe where he became a ski instructor. In 1991 he went on a a paragliding and rafting expedition in the Peruvian Andes.
After he came back he requested to become a member of the "Sector No Limits" sports team. In 1995, Mike created the "No Limits" Outdoor Activity Sports Centre in Switzerland. In 1997, Mike started his first big expedition. A solo traverse of the South American continent that took him 6 months. In 1999, Mike launched another Major expedition. He circumnavigated the world along the equator. His biggest adventure was the circumnavigation of the world around the Arctic circle which is what this book is written about.
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc Oct. 7 2007.

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