Wednesday, September 26, 2007


In the first part of my memoir conquering the impossible the character and writer extrem adventurer mike horn sets off on his attempt to walk 12000 miles around the globe at the arctic circle. Befor he trys to do this he must get all the best equiptment he can. As a training expedition mike sets out with two of his friends to set the record of walking across greenland. befor mike starts his great expedition his friend and arctic explorer Borge Ousland came to his house gave him all his old equipent and trained him. He finally set out on his expedition! he started out good! his firts major probalem was one night he set up camp and because the ice is always moveing he driffted away from the main land. he waited to dift back but never did so he had to ask a helicopter to pick him up. His next problem was when he was difting again durring a blizard and dicided to pick up camp and move. this would have gone fine but half way through his shoe lace came untied this wouldnt be an issue but he couldnt go on without it tied but couldnt tie them with his gloves on. he ended up takeing his gloves off which resulted in bad frost big in both his fingers. This and a couple of other reasons forced him to call a helicopter to come pick him up to go home. This is where i stoped. What really intreges me about this book is learning about all the hardships Mike goes through on his adventutres and how he overcomes them.

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