Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside reading post 7 B

In this chapter of the book they go through with their plan. Everything goes smoothly until Danny has trouble jumping the fence. He just couldn’t get over the razor wire which I can imagine can’t be easy. So now they had to figure out a way to get Danny to the Northwood building. They came up with smuggling him in through a truck. Elena’s dad had snagged the keys from a guy in the bar so they opened it up and stuck Danny in the back. It was cold dark and lonely back there but as long as Danny would be saving his grandfather. He got into the building and got the file that would clear his grandfather. He sent it to Elena and she began downloading it. All this went with slight complications. But as they were getting away they went back to pick up Danny’s grandfather and there was Deveraux waiting for them. She shot Elena’s dad because he had pulled a gun out. Then she turned to Fergus and the kids. As she raised her gun again for a second kill Fergus realized that the only way to save Danny and Elena was to sacrifice himself. Earlier he had rigged a small bomb in case it was needed, it was now. He yelled for Danny to jump behind a couch and he took Elena with him then there was a white flash and it was over for Fergus and Deveraux.

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