Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Outside reading post 6 B

In this section of my book the group of Danny, his grandpa, Elena, and her dad have to break into a top secret building called Northwood. This has information about Danny’s grandpa that is necessary to prove his innocents. In order to do this they must sneak into a pub where Elena’s dad will talk up some people in order to gain their trust then he will steal a card key form one of them that is required to get into Northwood. Then he would pass it to Danny through a window in the pub bathroom. Danny would then take the card to Elena to have it copied and the original back to her dad so that he could replace it and no one would notice. After this Danny would have to jump a fence with razor wire on the top and run to the building without the armed guards who will shot him upon sight noticing him. Then he would use the card key that Elena’s dad had required for them. Although this was a very risky plan and was almost crazy it was the only option they had considering Fergus’s leg was only getting worse and every moment he wanted to cry out in agony. It was now or never and if this plan failed there would be no time to try and come up with a plan b.

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